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Cat Federation of South Africa (CFSA)

Логотип - Cat Federation of South Africa (CFSA)
Страна: ЮАР
Телефон: 083 3040 901, 016 987 1170, 082 840 5578
Факс: 086 6870 949, 086 549 2901
Email: CFSARegister@gmail.com, CFSASec@gmail.com
Время работы: 9:00 - 16:00
Рабочая неделя: Monday - Thursday
Просмотров: 11814
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The Cat Federation of Southern Africa was initiated by a group of dedicated, enthusiastic experts in the field who together amassed more than 150 years of experience.

The South African Cat Fancy began to grow into a unified existence some 50 years ago when the Siamese Cat Society (later to become the Transvaal Cat Society) held its first show on a tennis court in Johannesburg, the owners sitting on chairs and holding their cats in their arms. The Natal Cat Club and The Western Province Cat Club came into being soon thereafter and the interest in cats and the improvement of the standard of pedigreed cats grew steadily through the years.

A pedigreed Cat Register was started around 1956 based first of all in Johannesburg and after short spells in Cape Town and Durban returned to Johannesburg where it is still in operation today. The administration of the Fancy was controlled by a Council formed by the many combined Cat Clubs throughout the country.

1996, which saw extensive rearrangement of the administration system, was a year of change and resulted in the birth of the Cat Federation of Southern Africa (CFSA) in 1997. The need for diversification, the freedom of choice and the expression of innovative ideas by Southern African Cat Lovers was recognised by Abe Wagner, Artur de Freitas and Julius Eichbaum and these three can be said, through their hard work and expertise, to be the original founders of the Federation.

The Cat Federation of Southern Africa is a voluntary federation in existence for the purpose of co-ordinating all aspects relating to the Cat Fancy in Southern Africa. It has been formed on the basis of the highest moral and ethical principles as a service to answer the needs of Southern African cat breeders and fanciers.

The principle of the Federation is to work within the objectives of the Cat Fancy and not to upset the rights of others to achieve their objectives.


P.O.BOX 4079

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