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Страна: Латвия
Город: Лиепая
Фелинологические системы: FIFe
Породы кошек: Экзотическая
Телефон: +371 26844607
Email: jaroslavna@inbox.lv
Просмотров: 4378
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My name is Jana Nosačeva, I am the owner of Magenda. My cattery is registered in FIFE and in CFCA in Riga.
I live in Latvia, in a small beautiful town Liepaya. My city is located on the Baltic Sea. I am living here with my little girl Marija Margarita.
In 2011, I start with breeding EXO, and I liked to go to the shows very much, loving my cats and enjoying all with other breeders. My breeding program is to produce healthy cats with beautiful expression & loving characters that bring joy for everyone who touches them & makes them a part of their family. We breed for quality not quantity!
Well, this is a few words from me, I hope you enjoy visiting my cattery, and please feel free to e-mail me, if you are intererested in one of my kittens, or if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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